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South Florida Sports Medicine and Primary Care is proud to offer family medicine services to all patients in Fort Lauderdale and Tamarac, Florida. Whether you need an annual checkup or you have specific health concerns, Dr. Ronaldo Calonje can help. Make your appointment with Dr. Calonje by calling the staff at South Florida Sports Medicine and Primary Care.

Family Medicine Q & A

What is family medicine?

Family medicine is a branch of medicine that seeks to provide comprehensive medical services for all members of a family. Some of the family medicine services available from South Florida Sports Medicine and Primary Care include the monitoring of a child’s growth and development, physicals, checkups, diagnosis of health problems, and treatment of various ailments. Dr. Calonje also offers vaccinations and medication refills to family medicine patients.

What happens during a family medicine appointment?

A typical family medicine appointment begins when a member of the staff at South Florida Sports Medicine and Primary Care greets the patient and takes their vitals. Dr. Calonje will review this information and perform a thorough physical exam.

If the patient is experiencing symptoms or has concerns, Dr. Calonje will discuss these issues in detail.

If the patient is in the office for a checkup, Dr. Calonje will screen for common health problems and provide the patients with tips to improve their health.

In some cases, Dr. Calonje may need to order tests at a family medicine appointment. The purpose of these tests may be to evaluate the patient’s general health or to investigate a specific issue. In addition, some patients may receive vaccinations during family medicine appointments.

When should patients make an appointment with Dr. Calonje?

Patients should make an appointment for a checkup with Dr. Calonje at least once each year. They should also make appointments any time they have concerns or questions about their health or the health of a family member.

Dr. Calonje can also perform physical exams for patients who are beginning school, starting a new job, or participating in organized sports.

If a patient is experiencing signs of illness or an injury, urgent care appointments are available with Dr. Calonje at South Florida Sports Medicine and Primary Care.

Can multiple patients see Dr. Calonje at the same time?

For the convenience of families, South Florida Sports Medicine and Primary Care offers back-to-back appointments for members of the same family whenever possible. You should mention their desire for back-to-back appointments when scheduling. In some cases there may be a longer wait for an open appointment when more than 1 person needs to see Dr. Calonje.

Major Insurances Providers Accepted

At South Florida Sports Medicine & Primary Care, we accept most major insurance plans. Here is a short-list of just some of the most popular plans we accept. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Bright Health
United American Insurance